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All donations are tax deductible and can be made to:

The Lamont Civic Association

PO Box 1

Lamont, MI 49430


Support the LCA with an Engraved Brick!
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Long-time residents of Lamont fondly remember the red brick building in which so many of Lamont’s children received their elementary education.  The school building was in a state of disrepair—and would have been expensive to refurbish.  Besides, Lamont needed a community park—with playground equipment and picnic facilities.  Over the past couple of years, this park is taking shape.
We wanted to memorialize the old Lamont School.  Some of the bricks were salvaged and are now part of the base of this memorial.  The original cupola was also salvaged—along with the bell—and is being restored to sit on top of this memorial. 

In 2010, the Lamont Civic Association purchased three acres of land—right in the heart of Lamont—the site of the old Lamont School. In 2011, the old school was torn down—making way for the development of a community park. This park includes a pavilion (for picnics, concerts, etc.), a playground, a hiking trail, a volleyball court, and a memorial to the old Lamont School. This MEMORIAL also includes the refurbished cupola and some recycled bricks from the old school, and a flagpole. The patio around this memorial and the sidewalk leading to it is currently being constructed of engraved bricks. The Lamont Civic Association solicits your support of this Memorial. You are invited to purchase an engraved brick—in honor or in memory of a family member, or with your own name. The brick(s) that you purchase will be engraved and embedded in this Memorial forever. This is your opportunity to be part of something lasting right here in the beautiful village of Lamont. These engraved bricks are being offered in two sizes: 4”x8” for $75 and 8”x8” for $125. You decide what you would like engraved on the bricks you purchase. Again, these bricks will be part of an enduring memorial for generations of local residents to see and enjoy. Order yours now!

A patio has been constructed in front of the memorial consisting of engraved bricks.  You are encouraged to purchase a brick—either in memory or in honor of someone you know, or with your own name engraved—to be a part of this lasting feature in the new park.  Do you know someone who might have a special interest in this memorial project?  Let them know that they can purchase an engraved brick as well.  Purchasing bricks will help us finalize this project and will enshrine the names of Lamont residents—former and present—for many years to come.


John Bronkema


h: 616-677-5588



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